Air coolers

AVO Modular air coolers for natural gas AVGB-83 (100)

Modular air coolers (AVO) AVGB-83 (100) are designed for cooling natural gas at gas main compressor stations.  Air coolers (АВО) are manufactured for design pressure 75 kgf/cm2,          83 kgf/cm2, 100 kgf/cm2. Air coolers may be single or interlocking.

AVO are intended for operation in macroclimatic regions with mean temperature of air during the coldest five-day week not below minus 55ºC, seismicity  up to magnitude 7 (SNiP II-7) and wind velocity head meeting the requirements of geographical region IV (SNiP 2.01.07).

On the Customer’s request the air coolers may be equipped with:

  • gas supply and withdrawal system(one set for the vessel);
  • air recirculation system (one set for the vessel);
  • mobile service platforms (2 pieces for compressor station);
  • electric motor automatic control system.

Technical characteristics of air cooler:

Heat-exchange surface, m2


Number of heat exchanging modules


Finned surface factor


Length of finned tubes, m


Number of tube rows


Number of passes in tube space


Design pressure, MPa

7,5; 8,3; or 10,0

Fan wheel diameter, mm


Number of fans in air cooler, pc.


Low-speed electric drives VASО7-13-12 for fans


- implosion protection


- installed drive power, kW


Air cooler material

Carbon steel; low alloy steel