Quality assurance

Quality priority is principal direction chosen by “Penzkhimmash” OJSC for assurance of its competitive ability and increasing competitive ability of its consumers. The developed and implemented Quality Management System, first certified to meet international standard ISO 9001:94 requirements by TÜV CERT Authority (Germany) in 1996, serves this purpose.

The following Quality Management System certificates are in force at the plant:

Taking into account the fact that «Penzkhimmash» OJSC equipment is intended for potentially hazardous productions, main products of the plant (tanks, columns, heat exchangers, filters, air coolers) are certified by Independent Certification Authority «Nastkhol», Moscow; main types of columns are certified by «Tisk» Centre (Ukraine); pressure vessels and boilers are certified according to ASME Codes (USA).

Development of Quality Management System is realized by improving quality of all processes, including improvement of inspection facilities and methods. The plant has at its disposal: qualified personnel of Quality Service, consisting of technical inspection department (OTK), nondestructive examination department (ONMK), metrological department (OGMetr) and quality control group; park of testing and measuring devices for testing of products (test specimens) by nondestructive and destructive examination methods. The testing and measuring ability of the plant central measuring laboratory is confirmed by its accreditation by the Russian Sea Register of RF Navigation to perform testing of materials, specimens, etc. by destructive methods and certification of the plant ONMK by «Russian higher risk object expert company» concerning such kinds (methods) of examination as:

«Penzkhimmash» OJSC has accomplished works connected with development, implementation and certification of protection of labor system; preparation for certification of ecological management system is in completion stage. This means that the plant proceeds with further improvement of product quality due to production modernization, rising of level of personnel knowledge and skills, creation of comfort labor conditions.

Nondestructive examination department (ONMK)

is an independent organization department  within the framework of «Penzkhimmash» OJSC quality service.

ONMK purpose – quality examination of materials, welded joints and buildups by nondestructive methods.

ONMK holds industrial safety system certificate system issued by independent Authority, OAO  “Russian higher risk object expert company" (RosEK).

ONMK consists of three subdivisions – x-ray radiography sector, gamma-ray radiography sector and gas and liquid methods of examination sector, equipped with both foreign and domestic modern devices.

Radiographic examination equipment:

ERESKO 65 MF 3 – portable industrial x-ray device, developed to mid-range technology. Figure 65 in device’s name means steel 65mm in thickness, radiographed by the device during 10 minutes until the density 2,0 is obtained on film D 7 at the distance of 700mm from the emitter.


The unit is intended for x-ray examination of metal and non-metal products, castings and welds in the shop or plant laboratory. The thickness of the layer being radiographed is from 10μm to 70mm for steel and to 250mm for aluminium.

Negatoscope N-85/220 is intended for interpretation of radiographs. Field of application: nondestructive examination by industrial radiographic method.

Densitometer DNS-2 is intended for measurement of diffuse optical density of black-and-white materials on transparent substrate and radiographs. Diffuse optical density measurement range at source of light (negatoscope) screen brightness of 80000- 120000 cd/m2 is from 0 to 4,00B.


Ultrasonic examination equipment:

Ultrasonic device USM 25 S – is applied for determination of flaw locations in materials, measuring of thickness, storage and documenting of revealed discontinuity data.

Flaw detector USM 25 S with frequency range from 0,5 to 10 MHz at maximum ultrasonic examination range up to 1m (longitudinal wave on steel) meets the conditions of examination both for big products and products requiring precision measurements.

Ultrasonic flaw detector "UIU-SCANER" – is universal manual device for examination of metals, polyethylene and plastic, ceramic. The device features varied technical possibilities,  small dimensions and is easy in operation. High flaw detection ability, practical design, bright electroluminescent display, self-contained power supply, small dimensions and low weight ensure ease of the detector’s use. It is possible to use flaw detector with any piezoelectric transducers in operating frequency range. Ultrasonic examination range is from 0 to 1m (longitudinal wave on steel).
Ultrasonic thickness meter 26 MG XT for one-sided access thickness measurement of objects subject to corrosive and erosive wear and at high temperatures. 26 MG XT series thickness meter operates with separate – composite transducers and supports automatic function of transducer type definition, high temperature measurements, maximum/minimum conditions and storage of measurement indications. Shockproof and splash-proof make of the meter casing ensures reliable operation of ultrasonic thickness meter under complicated conditions. Measurement range - 0,5- 500mm.


Liquid penetrant examination equipment:

Liquid penetrant examination flaw detection spray ( DR-51; DIA-60; D-100) of « SHERWIN » company is used for liquid penetrant examination to I , II и III sensitivity classes according to the requirements of «Unified procedure of examination of equipment and pipeline base materials  (semi products), welded joints and buildups in the temperature range from + 1 5°С to +50°С.”

Metrological department

The metrological department consisting of central measuring laboratory and metrological service is a part of the plant’s Quality Service.

The central measuring laboratory in its turn consists of two subdivisions - chemical analysis laboratory and metallurgy laboratory. The central measuring laboratory holds Russian Sea Register certificate of accreditation for material destructive examination skills.

All devices, testing and analytic equipment of the department and instrumentation of the plant divisions are subjected to metrological checking at specified intervals. Total quantity of the plant instrumentation is about 15 thousand units.

The central measuring laboratory tasks are as follows:

  • metal, alloy and electrode material chemical composition check by analytic and spectral methods;
  • testing of metallic materials and welded joints for determination of mechanical properties (tensile strength, hardness, yield, impact strength, corrosion resistance, etc.), and products (springs, cables, etc.) for their compliance with specified requirements;
  • performance of metal macro- and microstructure analysis;
  • performance of nonmetallic material (lacquers, paints, fuels and lubricants, rubber, paper, etc.) testing for their compliance with normative documents.

To accomplish the above tasks the laboratory has at its disposal modern analytic and testing equipment.

Carbon analyzer Microphotometer


Considerable recent attention has been focused on buying of modern portable devices for performance of measurements and tests directly in the plant shops – surface roughness measurement devices, paint coat thickness measurement devices, hardness measurement devices.

Paint coat thickness meter Laptop thickness meter