Manufacturing capability

"Penzkhimmash" OJSC has more than 50-years experience of manufacturing equipment for chemical, petrochemical, oil-and-gas - processing, coal, food and other industries.

Total area of engineering buildings (without offices and amenity rooms) amounts to 1423512m2, production space – 105188m2 thereof.

"Penzkhimmash" OJSC possesses rich multi-purpose, unique and special-purpose manufacturing base, consisting of more than 3900 units of the following equipment:

•    cutting equipment - 604 units;
•    press-forging equipment - 168 units;
•    welding and gas-cutting equipment – 641units;
•    heat-treating equipment - 65 units;
•    handling equipment - 265 units;
•    overhead cranes rated at 100 и 250 tons with the height to crane runway up to 24,5m.

The plant has at its disposal highly qualified machine operators; boiler-smiths; welders for manual, semiautomatic, automatic, electro-slag welding, gas-shielded welding; flame cutting torch operators for both manual and automatic (on CNC gas cutting machines) cutting; maintenance men; toolmakers, etc.

Blank production

Blank production sections are equipped with:
•    guillotine shears for part cutting out of plates 0,5- 40mm thick;
•    horizontal rolls for bending of parts made of plates up to 160mm thick;


•    mechanical press with 63-500 tons force for cold forming;


•    hydraulic presses with 63-500 tons force for hot and cold part forming;
•    double-acting hydraulic press with 2000 tons press for hot and cold part forming;


•    perforating press with 160 tons force for perforating holes in parts made of plates up to 12mm thick maximum  and worked plate dimensions 2000- 4000mm;


•    plate bending – forming machines for bending of parts made of channel-type and angle-type sheet products when the maximum length of part is up to 4750mm;

•    vertical section bending rolls for bending of rolled section steel parts (bars, pipes, channels, angles, strips, double tees);

•    equipment for fabrication of various size compensators by forming, rolling-out on merry-go-round machines and rolling of strips on Swiss bending machine HPR-16 with  75, 100 and 125mm compensator lens protrusion , thickness = 3,4mm;
•    Equipment for fabrication of 1-6 - start spiral coils of 25 108mm pipes, 700mm and above in diameter;

•    CNC gas-and-plasma cutting automatic machines of "ESAB-Hancock" company for cutting of irregular shaped parts out of carbon steel and stainless steel plates. Maximum dimensions of worked part 6000 х 18000mm at 5 160mm thickness;


•    CNC laser jet for cutting of irregular shaped parts out of carbon and stainless steels and nonmetallic materials. Maximum dimensions of worked part 2500 х 6000mm at plate thickness of:
o    metals up to 6mm;
o    nonmetallic materials up to 20mm.


The plant has at its disposal large base of equipment which allows performing of close tolerance machining:
•    turning when work part diameter is up to 4000mm, work part length - up to 16000mm;


•    rotary machining when work part diameter is up to 7000mm;


•    drilling on CNC eight-spindle drilling machines of “Kolb” company, Germany; diameter of holes up to 100mm;

•    gear-cutting with modulus up to 30 for cylindrical gears and up to 16 for bevel gears;
•    longitudinal gouging when the length of work part is up to 12000mm , width - up to 3000mm;


•    longitudinal milling for work part up to 8000mm long and up to 2600mm wide;


•    horizontal boring (spindle diameter 220mm);


Welding fabrication

Various welding processes and equipment as appropriate are used for welding of products made of carbon, low-alloy, chrome-manganese, stainless steels and titanium, copper, aluminum alloys.
•    for manual covered-electrode arc welding – mobile power supply units Master 3500 MLS;
•    for argon-arc welding – mobile welding stations Mastertig 3500 MLS ; Mastertig 3500 АС/ DC ; PRO 4200 EVOLUTION;
•    for semiautomatic gas mixture-shielded welding  – mobile welding stations Kempomig 4000 W;
•    for automatic submerged arc welding – various welding stands for welding of longitudinal and girth joints, weld deposition stands domestic welding equipment assisted, consoles САВ-300 and tractor heads А2 Multitrac of “ESAB” company;
•    for electro-slag welding – special stands for welding longitudinal and girth joints using  unit А-535;
•    for butt resistance welding – units К-617 and К-607;
•    different machines for resistance-spot welding and resistance-seam welding;
•    «OKA» and «OSA» type welding units for orbital welding of tubes and boxing of tubes in tube sheets.


                                             Argon-arc welding – stud made of pipe 15Х5М


                                           Electro-slag welding of girth joint of shell course 120mm thick
                                                    with the use of ESHS special-purpose stand.


                                                                    Semiautomatic shielded gas mixture welding
                                                                                with local fume extraction.


                                                       Machine submerged arc welding of girth joint.

Heat treatment

•    High-temperature tempering (post weld heat treatment) 600 ° - 690 °С of welded structures  up to 38000х5000х5000mm and weighing as much as 250 tons;
•    normalization 900 ° - 950 °С and hardening (austenization) 1150 °С of welded plates up to18000mm long and up to 4000mm wide; formed heads Ø 4000mm; formed welded shell courses Ø 4000mm and up to 3500mm high;


•    local heat treatment of welds on 12-channel units НМ-406 "Menning".



Painting with epoxy paints.
Painting of products with polyurethane paints.
Painting of products with powder paints on special-purpose line "Larius", Italy; dimensions 4000x1000x2000, maximum weight for one hanger – 200kg.
•    Euro standard.
Painting of products with the use of airless spraying units "President 46:1".
Each product output by the plant is subject to testing to ensure its high quality and reliability. The extent of nondestructive and destructive examination tests depends on the product service.   The plant has at its disposal qualified personnel and appropriate departments and services to perform special examination.
The nondestructive examination department (ONMK) is certified by Nondestructive Examination Laboratory Independent Certification Authority OAO "Russian higher risk object expert company" concerning such kinds (methods) of examination as:
•    radiographic examination;
•    acoustic testing;
•    ultrasonic measuring of thickness;
•    ultrasonic examination;
•    liquid penetrant examination;
•    visual and dimensional examination.
Certificate No. 021580332 dated 23.09.2003.
Measuring and testing laboratory of metrological department is accredited by the Russian Sea Register of RF Navigation to perform testing of materials, forgings, formed parts, pipes, welded joints, castings by destructive methods (chemical analysis, mechanical properties, intercrystalline attack resistance, etc.).
Certificate of Accreditation No. 02.001.130 dated 08.01.2002.


Sales of products

Finished products are shipped by:
•    railway transport when the vessel diameter is up to 4500mm;
•    special-purpose automobile transport when the vessel diameter is up to 6100mm.